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Visit Leon

Leon was originally founded as a military encampment in the 1st Century BC. It’s development into a modern city began in the 10th century and it has never looked back. Modern Leon in one of Spain’s great urban centers. With noteworthy landmarks and historical sites, it is worth of a visit of any length.

Several notable main sights can fill an itinerary of any size. Consider the Rayonnant Cathedral with its beautiful stained glass. The Walls from the original encampment can still be viewed, along with the improvements made upon them in the 3rd century.

At the MUSAC, you’ll find a contemporary art museum and its stained-glass façade. At the Museum of Leon, you can browse through an extensive collection of prehistoric tools and art.

The customs of Leon, when combined with the local culture, make for an interesting experience for visitors as well. Come to the Leon during Semana Santa, the holy week, and you’ll see several processions occur throughout the city center.

Part of the tradition is called the “Burial of Genarin.” Killed by the city’s first garbage truck, the goal of the celebration is to consume your favorite drinks to honor Genarin, who was a beggar in the city during the early 20th century.

In June, the San Pedro and San Juan festivities are particularly remarkable. You’ll find Leon covered in street markets and celebrations happening throughout the evening.

Leon provides a stunning view of what Spain has been, currently is, and will be in the future. Find your way here, even if just for a day, and it can be a life-changing experience.


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Turismo de Castilla y León

Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes
Avenida Monasterio Nuestra Señora de Prado 2
47015 Valladolid

T: +34 983376405

www: Website Link

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