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Brandenburg is in the northeast of the Federal Republic of Germany. The state capital and most populous city is Potsdam, other bigger cities is Cottbus, Brandenburg an der Havel and Frankfurt an der Oder.

Brandenburg borders Saxony in the south, Saxony-Anhalt in the west, Lower Saxony in the northwest, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the north and the Republic of Poland in the east. With a total area of ​​29,654 km², Brandenburg is the fifth largest country in Germany in terms of area.

Brandenburg surrounds the German capital Berlin in its center and together with it forms the European metropolitan region Berlin / Brandenburg, in which around 6 million people live.

More than a third of the area of ​​Brandenburg is taken up by nature parks, forests, lakes and water areas. Tourism is determined by the diverse landscape, the historic town centers, the forest and water-rich nature parks and the sights such as the palaces and castles.

In the so-called media city of Babelsberg, in addition to Studio Babelsberg AG, there is the Filmpark Babelsberg, a theme park with a studio tour of the area as well as exhibitions, stunt shows, sets and props from numerous well-known productions from the world of film.

The Tropical Islands is about 50 km south of Berlin. The park was built in the largest self-supporting hall in the world, which spans an area of ​​66,000 m² (equivalent to nine football fields). The Tropical Islands, which is open all year round, has a tropical swimming and leisure landscape.

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