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Find in New South Wales, a coastline lined with towns and cities boasting the best beaches in Australia. A New South Wales holiday means having the chance to visit some of Australia’s best surfing spots.

The Blue Mountains in the southwest boast iconic rock formations and in the winter are a snow-laden skier’s paradise. Find one of Australia’s many superb wine-growing regions in the Hunter Valley and taste first hand what this world famous wine country is all about.

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Best of New South Wales

What are the best places to visit in New South Wales ?

Witness the artistic skyline of Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Find pumping nightlife, superb harbour views, restaurants and live music venues amongst the worlds best. Or, find a laid-back life style in the blue-collar town of Wollongong, backed by a magnificent cliff scape. Explore the traditional lands of the Dharawal people.

Find down to earth locals and an innovative arts scene in Newcastle. Hang out on the funky Darby street and roll around the newly rejuvenated harbour in this easy-going city. Find Australia’s premier surf beaches in and around Byron Bay. With seven different beachfronts around the point there is always a break to surf in this super cool beach town. A holiday to New South Wales has no limit to the variety of its incredible destinations.

Explore the coast on a New South Wales holiday. Boasting picturesque ocean scenes and high quality surf beaches, New South Wales is the beach lovers dream destination. Visit Australia’s largest and most energetic city, Sydney, and indulge in the fine art, cuisine and nightlife that is always on offer.

New South Wales is far enough south of Australia’s tropical regions to enjoy four distinct seasons through the year. Australia’s states being so large the weather will vary a little depending where you are, but you will find that summer is still summer and winter is still winter wherever you are in this great state. Enjoy the heat of summer or the cool and comfortable seasons of spring and autumn, but unless you love the cold, perhaps avoid the months of June to august during winter.

Find some of Australia’s best surf beaches in New South Wales. You will find perfect beaches pretty much everywhere you go along this magnificent coastline, but if you will hit the jackpot in Byron Bay. This Lazy beach side town is such a perfect holiday spot it puts a glimmer in the eye of developers, but locals have fought to keep the high rises and big beach resorts out of this low key, funky surf town.

Wollongong has long been an industrial hub and the blue-collar resolve of this honest town shows through in the best way. Laid back and genuine locals welcome tourists to this town framed by magnificent cliff faces, boasting surf beaches to the north and the Illawara escarpment, a heritage protected reserve with no vehicle access, southwest.

Enjoy the lazy life in Newcastle. Wander around the newly rejuvenated harbour and take in the innovative art scene of this funky city. Spend time on the super trendy Darby street and of course relax on the picturesque beaches.

Spice up your holiday with a trip to the up-to-the-minute city of Sydney. Join in on the pumping nightlife and enjoy the plethora of top quality restaurants, hidden music/art venues and cruise the harbour on one of Sydney’s iconic ferries.

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